To our valued customers:

We would like to inform you about the current status at Telegärtner Inc on the subject of Coronavirus.

Now that the first signs are emerging in China that the threshold has been crossed and infections are declining, the wave has now reached Europe. In China and other Asian countries, production is slowly being ramped up again. Nevertheless, we will still feel the effects in the next few weeks – especially in the electronics industry – as shipments will be delayed arriving into this country. Various European countries are now going through similar scenarios to China and production and other supply chains will be significantly restricted.

Telegärtner Inc is working continuously to ensure delivery reliability for our customers. In addition to close contact with our suppliers, initial measures have also been taken to ensure our availability for our customers and to guarantee a continued workflow. In addition to hygiene recommendations and travel and meeting regulations, this also means the possibility to work from home.

Despite the now worldwide effects of the pandemic on the global supply chain, Telegärtner is trying to ensure that the consequences for our customers remain minimal. So far our products are generally still available on time. From today’s perspective, however, we assume that initial and isolated supply bottlenecks may occur in April and May. Of course, we would be pleased to provide you with information on the current delivery situation of the materials or products you have ordered. For the time being, we will continue to follow the almost daily changing situation closely and resolve the new challenges this brings.

We thank you for your support and your continued trust in Telegärtner.

– Your Telegärtner Team