Even Shorter, More Reliable, More Secure


The new RJ45 AMJ-SL Module from Telegärtner is designed for applications where the demands on reliability and fail-safe operation, even in confined spaces, are very high.

Steinenbronn, 25 March 2020 – Data networks are getting installed more and more often in extremely confined spaces. This becomes a particularly critical issue when connecting the cables to RJ45 keystone jacks: for reliable data transmission, the cable’s bending radius must not be less than the specified minimum value. However, most commercially available RJ45 jacks are relatively long. Here, the new AMJ-SL Module with keystone cut-out from Telegärtner not only offers transmission values that go far beyond the requirements laid down by standards, it also has an extremely short overall length, leaving sufficient space for correct cable management.

“With an extremely short overall length of only 32 millimetres, the AMJ-SL is up to 37% shorter than other comparable Category 6A jacks,” says Marcel Leonhard, Head of Business Unit DataVoice at Telegärtner. “Together with its excellent transmission parameters, it’s the ideal solution where large headroom are required but there’s very little space for the module and cable. In other words, our module gives the cable the space it needs to transmit data securely.”

The AMJ-SL is even easier and quicker to connect than previous AMJ Modules. Just like the existing modules, no special tools are needed to connect the cables. It also fits into all distribution panels, outlets and frontplates of the Telegärtner AMJ series.

With the new, innovative SafeLock mechanism, the two sides of the refined die-cast zinc housing are quickly and securely latched into place. The spring steel snap-in latch is pushed into position in a single swift manual action or using a standard screwdriver. Once in position, the module is securely closed and can be fitted into the various applications. This guarantees correct installation.

The development of the AMJ-SL also included the supply of power to end devices with Four Pair Power over Ethernet (4PPoE) and currents up to 960 milliamperes. Contact design has been optimised to maintain full module functionality even if sparks generated during unintentional unmating under electrical load damage the module: the contact area over which data is transmitted is physically far away from the area where the unavoidable damage from breakaway sparks occurs.

“Fail-safe operation, even in confined spaces, makes the module particularly attractive for applications in the finance industry, energy utility companies, data centres and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), as well as for public authorities and institutions which are often located in historic buildings,” says Leonhard.

The AMJ-SL has been awarded Category 6A component type approval by the independent testing laboratory GHMT in compliance with IEC and EN 60603-7-51.